I'm not one of those people who says, "I never read reviews", because I don't believe those people.

Marvin Hamlisch


Media Coverage

The headers of every page on this site display relevant media reviews of OneBag.com. This page collects a variety of additional comments and awards that I had insufficient room for elsewhere!

Assorted Media Kudos

Expedia Award MSN Money Award PC Magazine Award Tripbase Travel Award (2009) Britannica Award

"outstanding content" — TripSpot

"L'uomo della valigia" — Internazionale

"very good suggestions" — The Oregonian

"not to be missed" — O Estado de São Paulo

"Incrediby useful site" — Yahoo! Internet Life

"Dyment's advice is badly needed." — Technorati

"instructive website … great tidbits" — Toronto Star

"stellar packing suggestions" — The Washington Post

"a wealth of practical advice" — The Wall Street Journal

"tricks and tips for savvy packing" — The Gazette (Montréal)

"just the right amount of information" — Dallas Morning News

"Bagaglio leggero ed essenziale: il vademecum ora è on line" — la Repubblica (Italy)

"excellent Web site… The next time you travel, heed Dyment's words" — Men's Fitness

"you won’t find such good advice in a more compact form" — Kevin Kelly, Cool Tools

"strategies for packing everything you need in one lightweight bag" — The Jewish Week

"Lees de tips op deze praktische site en laat u niet meer kisten." — Elsevier (Netherlands)

"If you struggle to achieve single-suitcase bliss, let OneBag.com give you a hand." — PC World

"extensive advice on types of luggage and ideal methods of efficient packing" — Starwood Hotels

"Every traveler, regardless of experience, will find something useful on this site." — The Roanoke Times

"It's like having your very own R & D department dedicated to the art and science of travelling light." — onAir, the Air Canada e-zine

"Packing expert Doug Dyment … has mastered the art of getting a lot of clothes into a little space — while minimizing wrinkles." — CNN

"tips for cutting down the number of items we pack and some great packing tips to see that the items we bring arrive in great shape" — NAAA

"ways to pack so that everything [you need fits] in a suitcase kept under the seat, even for trips of two weeks or more" — The Kansas City Star

"If you want your travels light and lively, make do with a single carry-on bag … For advice, visit [www.onebag.com]" — Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

"… the 'bundle-wrapping' technique is perfect: wrap several items together around a central core for a creaseless journey. Genius." — The Sunday Times

"… pages of comprehensive, specific packing tips, all geared to get you off the ground and on your way without having to check luggage." — Ottawa Citizen

"the lowdown on how you can take essentials and prepare for eventualities without compromising on comfort or worrying about what you've left behind" — The Hindu

"If you're keen on trying the light-packing experience and enjoying your travels more, I highly recommend taking advantage of OneBag.com." — Social Score Media

"helps you differentiate between a travel essential and something that you can really leave behind" — AARP

"Dyment's enthusiasm for smart packing is inspiring. His somewhat strangely disarming devotion to his subject matter makes you want to pack smarter. He tells you all you will ever need (or want) to know about expert packing. About the only thing he doesn't do is show up at your door and pack your bag himself." — Frommer's (Editor's Choice)

"Doug Dyment is a frequent traveler with a useful sense of humor and well-organized advice" — Houston Chronicle

"[Doug's] urbane and friendly tone belies the steely single-mindedness of his ambition, which is never to travel anywhere with more than a single carry-on bag, and to persuade anybody who'll listen to do the same." — The Guardian

"comically geeky" — The Sunday Times