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My interests — and consequently my life — have been nothing if not eclectic. Though I now earn my living primarily as a speaker and writer on the topic of travel skills, I have been, at various times, a senior corporate executive, university professor, award-winning public speaker, professional entertainer, software engineer, product/technology evangelist, and more. I've lived in three countries — Canada (Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Waterloo, Vancouver, Gibsons); England (Cambridge); and the United States (New York City, San Francisco) — and visited dozens of others. I have travelled by airplane, train, boat (ocean liners, cruise ships, ferries, small offshore sailboats, canoes), coach, automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle. And for most of those roles, in most of those places, and using most of those vehicles, I've packed a lot of suitcases.

photo by Tammy KennedyI began simply enough in 1996, as a personal project to teach myself Web development; due to its ongoing popularity, it has subsequently grown in both size and scope, and become something of a labour of love. If you find it useful, have questions or suggestions, spot any errors, or just want to say "hello", please feel free to contact me via the feedback page. I'd love to hear about what may have led you here, especially any newspaper/magazine articles, or radio/TV pieces; I often have no other way to learn about such mentions. Plus, I meet a lot of nice people this way!

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Doug Dyment
“The Go-Light Guru”

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Travellers function more efficiently, more effectively, more effortlessly — and thus more happily — by reducing their stress levels. And for 2000 years experienced journeyers have written about how to accomplish just this … though you'd never know it from looking around most airports! To help you introduce contemporary versions of these skills to your organization, your clients, or your customers, I'm available for speaking engagements on the subject of

Tackling Today's Travel: On The Road Without The Load

So if you're a meeting planner, or otherwise searching for a presentation that's not only topical & entertaining, but truly useful to your group, consider adding The Go-Light Guru¹ to your program. The message of this Web site is even more engaging when live and local.²  Whether experienced as a keynote address, breakout session, or spousal event, packing a suitcase will never seem more appealing!

¹ says Time Magazine
² read some reviews

Not to mention what they'll be saying afterward about dental floss.

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